WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

WIOA Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (Training Services)

CareerSource Pasco Hernando offers a wide range of training opportunities to individuals whether you are looking for training opportunities or just want to upgrade your qualifications. Our staff can assist you in reaching your goals. See what our training programs have to offer to get you in that higher paying competitive occupation today.

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), selected individuals receive career guidance and possibly financial help with your training-related costs such as:

·         Tuition and fees

·         Books

In some instances, funds may be available to aid with supplies, uniforms and shoes, and certification/licensure fees related to training completion.

If interested, please follow the steps below to learn more about this opportunity. You will be asked to complete a series of steps to see if you qualify. Now let’s get started.

(Given the COVID Pandemic, Career Counselors are working remotely at this time.  Counselors are working as quickly as possible)

WIOA Funds are available for assistance as long as Eligibility and Suitability have been met.  A Career Counselor will discuss this with you. Please do the online orientation below as it has valuable information regarding the program.

Currently for Low Income Adult eligibility under WIOA funding is fully allocated at this time.  Please continue to check back with us for funding availability.

Funding under Dislocated Worker is still available.  Dislocated Worker eligibility is that of receiving unemployment compensation, exhausted unemployment compensation, having a letter of lay off or company closure.

We are located out of three office’s.

Please Contact the Career Counselor closest to you or the location that best fits your needs.

Dade City

Rhonda Payne – (352)467-7759 or email at rpayne@Careersourcepascohernando.com


Cynthia Yahn – (352)251-7157 or email at cyahn@Careersourcepascohernando.com

New Port Richey

Kathleen Rouge – (727)484-3442 or email at Krouge@Careersourcepascohernando.com

Riana Barber – (727)484-3444 or email at r.barber@Careersourcepascohernando.com

To begin the eligibility determination, please complete the four-step process as listed below:

Your first step in obtaining assistance under WIOA is to complete the orientation.


WIOA – Orientation

Watch the “Orientation to WIOA Services” to learn more about the program and what services may be offered


To review a list of in-demand occupations (RTOL) for this area click here.  

To review the income standards guide for WIOA click here for the LLSIL chart for 2021.

Additional information about scholarships, Pell Grants and student loans for other training programs is available through the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit FAFSA to apply for assistance.


WIOA is a “work first program” whose goal is to assist customers to enter or return to employment