WTP – Welfare Transition Program

Welfare Transition Program (WTP)

Florida’s Welfare Transition Program (WTP) is to move individuals from welfare to work while emphasizing self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program provides cash benefits to eligible families with dependent children. Additional TANF support services may include assistance with transportation, childcare, as well as substance abuse and mental health couseling / treament, diversion services, job training and on going employment services.
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Contact your DCF:          Phone: (850)300-4DCF (4323) or (866) 762-2237          Fax: (866) 765-7133

EBT Phone – Toll Free: (888) 356-3281

WTP Forms


Employment Time Sheet

Employment Verification Form

Job Search Form

Medical Form

Vocation Academic Timesheet

Worksite Timesheet


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How do I participate in the program?

WTP is a mandatory program with mandatory hours in allowable activities. All applicants/participants must comply in order to receive benefits. There are penalties for non-compliance such as loss of cash assistance or food stamp benefits.
Compliance means:

  • Participate in an orientation to gain knowledge about the program and services provided by the WT Program.
  • Attend all scheduled appointments.
  • Participate in and document all assigned weekly activities for required number of hours.
  • Respond to phone calls or letters from CareerSource Pasco Hernando or any other agency you are referred to.
  • Accept any reasonable offer of suitable employment.
Are there any other services available to me while in WTP?

Support Services that may be available to you while enrolled in WTP*:

  • Subsidized Childcare
  • Training related expenses: uniforms, tools, license and certification exams
  • Incentive cards for assistance with compliance and transportation

*All subject to availability of funds and eligibility.