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Receptionist On-The-Job Training

Receptionist (On-The-Job-Training)

Review this job at Pay is $9.00 an hour during training. 

Employee Will Be Trained on the Following: 
1Learn to operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen, or forward calls, providing information, taking messages, or scheduling appointments; Schedule appointments and maintain and update appointment calendars
2Learn to greet persons entering establishment, determine nature and purpose of visit, and direct or escort them to specific destinations; Hear and resolve complaints from customers or the public; File and maintain records
3Learn to perform administrative support tasks, such as proofreading, transcribing handwritten information, or operating calculators or computers to work with pay records, invoices, balance sheets, or other documents
4Learn to transmit information or documents to customers, using computer, mail, or facsimile machine; Analyze data to determine answers to questions from customers or members of the public
5Learn to provide information about establishment, such as location of departments or offices, employees within the organization, or services provided; Collect, sort, distribute, or prepare mail, messages, or courier deliveries
6Learn to process and prepare memos, correspondence, travel vouchers, or other documents; Keep a current record of staff members' whereabouts and availability
7Learn to take orders for merchandise or materials and send them to the proper departments to be filled; Perform duties, such as taking care of plants or straightening magazines to maintain lobby or reception area
8Learn to schedule space or equipment for special programs and prepare lists of participants; Enroll individuals to participate in programs and notify them of their acceptance

  • Date Posted: 08/02/2019
  • Location: Hernando County
  • Reference #: 10968591
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Acoustical Ceiling Installer

Acoustical Ceiling Installer (On-The-Job-Training)

Review this job at Pay is $10.00 an hour during training. 

Employee Will Be Trained In The Following:
1Learn to apply acoustical tiles, blocks, strips or shock-absorbing materials to ceilings and walls of buildings to reduce or reflect sound and to decorate rooms; Cut tile backing to required size and install and anchor fixtures in designated positions, using tools.
2Learn to read blueprints or other specifications to determine methods of installation, work procedures, or material or tool requirements; Measure and cut openings in panels or tiles for electrical outlets, vents, or other fixtures, using keyhole saws or other cutting tools; Assemble or install metal framing or decorative trim for windows, doorways, or vents
3Inspect furrings, mechanical mountings, or surfaces for plumbness and level, using spirit or water levels; Mount tile, using adhesives, or by nailing, screwing, stapling, or wire-tying lath directly to structural frameworks
4Learn to cut and shape tile to fit around obstacles and into odd spaces and corners, using hand and power cutting tools, and align and straighten tile using levels, squares, and straightedges.  Learn to determine and implement the best layout to achieve a desired pattern. Measure and mark surfaces to be tiled, following blueprints; Properly maintain equipment and tools
5Learn to apply or mount acoustical tile to metal channels to make ceiling frames, according to plans for the location of rooms or hallways; Scribe and cut edges of tile to fit walls where wall molding is not specified
6Learn to hang acoustical ceiling grid layout and insulation.

  • Date Posted: 08/02/2019
  • Location: Hernando County
  • Reference #: 10981910
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