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Business Service Consultants (BSC)

Employers located in the Pasco-Hernando region will be provided with a personally assigned business services consultant (BSC), who will be the employer’s point of contact, assisting the employer in using CareerSource Pasco Hernando services and facilities.

Conference and Business Facilities

The BSC coordinates use of CareerSource Pasco Hernando’s facilities for the employers, including staff support and assistance, and private interview rooms. Please allow ample time for scheduling.

Employer Job Postings

CareerSource Pasco Hernando will post job specifications on the web, advertising openings for local, state and national exposure. Jobs are posted on: EmployFlorida.com.

Job Processing

Posting a Job Order sets off a chain of events geared to finding the best applicants as quickly as possible. Job orders can be posted via website, e-mail or fax. A customer services representative performs an applicant match. Qualified applicants are then given a referral, along with the employer’s contact instructions. Once a candidate is hired, the employer notifies CareerSource Pasco Hernando to update their job listing.

For job orders request, please send an email to:  hub@careersourcepascohernando.com

Pre-Employment and Training Assessment

To aid employers in pinpointing the most qualified applicants, CareerSource Pasco Hernando offers free assessment tests used by many large corporations. These tests have met with legal scrutiny and have been proven invaluable in predicting the success of potential applicants.

With over 1100 job-specific assessments available, IBM’s Prove It! is our most versatile testing method. The employer can give a test to a prospective employee (or current employee up for promotion) that tests their ability in “Excel 2013” and/or “Advanced Accounting” and hone in on what skills are required to do the job. In addition, there are position specific abilities such as Product Packaging skills or general industry knowledge assessments such as Manufacturing Basics.

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