FUTURE PLANS is a self-administered online program guided by an engaging avatar aimed at helping individuals discover their aptitudes, interests and values so they can choose the educational pathway that will lead them to their best in-demand career choices.


Interactive and Intuitive

Animated and professionally narrated Custom posters and completion certificates Linear program (“One Direction”)

Heavy Focus on Career Demand

Careers that aren’t in demand are initially filtered out

Return to the program anytime to update information

Reduces angst related to career plans by eliminating indecision which leads to stress

Plays to the individual’s strengths and outsources weaknesses


A detailed plan of action that will help you determine your next steps in career planning

A comprehensive report that shows where your interests, talents and values lie

Additional resources within the program that can connect you to internships and potential jobs


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Updating your Skills
In today's economy, upgrading your skills is crucial for everyone--from high tech employees to service-industry workers. Whether you're looking for a new job or to advance within your current situation, it's easier than ever to enhance your employability through specialized educational programs.

At CareerSource Pasco Hernando, we can help match your skills with jobs that are currently in demand. If additional training is required, many times we can help in obtaining the tuition and other assistance needed to further your goals.
For more information on how you can prepare for a career in one of the "Targeted Occupations," contact CareerSource Pasco Hernando by phone, or drop by one of our One Stop Locations. 
Also be sure to check out all of the Programs available to job seekers.
CareerSource Pasco Hernando offers a variety of employee assessment tests to assist job-seekers in finding the right career and the right job. You can get assistance in any of our Resource Rooms or call for more information.
Great resumes and strong interviewing techniques can reduce a job search by 50%, triple the number of job offers and increase a salary by 25% or more. 
Customer Focused Workshops

Responding to customer requests, local economic conditions, and our sincere desire to better prepare the job seeker as a first choice and desirable asset to local employers, CareerSource Pasco Hernando is proud to present several separate Job Ready Preparation Workshops to our job seeker community! More Information
IBM's Prove It!

With over 1100 job-specific pre-employment tools available, ProveIt! is our most versatile testing method. The job-seeker can take tests that show employers that they have the skills necessary to do the job or find out if your skills are up-to-date. High scoring test results can be pasted on a resume and/or highlighted in a cover letter to attract attention to your strengths. You can even customize a set of assessments for the job you want. Assessments can be arranged for certain dates or a Job Specialist in our Resource Rooms can get you set up. There are also Microsoft Office tutorials and Practice Typing tests we can email you. Assessments can’t be emailed though. View examples of ProveIt! Titles 
Ready to Work Credential

Earn the nationally recognized credential to stand out from the crowd. Florida Ready to Work ensures that a person’s skills match the requirements of the occupation and employers hiring Ready to Work credential holders can rely on their ability to learn how to effectively perform the job. The process consists of placement tests, coursework to increase skill levels, and three one hour assessments that can result in a credential issued by the Department of Education showing a snapshot of the job-seeker’s skills. Job-seekers also get access to the Career Center to match their skills to the Department of Labor’s occupation requirements, resume and interviewing information, and the words you need to communicate your abilities to employers.
More information about Ready to Work

CareerScope is a self-administered, easy-to-use, computerized Interest and Aptitude assessment that guides you toward the career that fits you best with a Career Development Portfolio. You can identify your interest areas like Artistic, Scientific, Humanitarian, Business Detail, etc. Aptitudes include Verbal, Numerical, and Spatial, as well as Form and Clerical Perceptions. The aptitudes cover most of the critical high growth and emerging careers of the 21st century. Also included are dexterity and coordination performances and it coordinates with the latest O’Net database.
For Additional Information Contact an Assessment Coordinator at:
Hernando: (352) 200-3020 ext. 3404
West Pasco: (727) 484-3404
East Pasco: (813) 377-1300 ext. 3404
Toll Free: (866) 396-9675 ext. 3404