Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment

WELCOME TO THE RE-EMPLOYMENT SERVICES AND ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (ALSO KNOWN AS R.E.S.E.A.). This program is exclusively available to Reemployment Assistance (previously named Unemployment Compensation) Claimants whom receive an appointment notification and are scheduled to report for designated reemployment services (also known as a RESEA appointment).

Our team of workforce professionals (also known as Program Specialists) looks forward to working together with you, to provide you with quality workforce services. Throughout your participation in the program, our team will be dedicated to assisting you with reemployment services to help you return to employment and the re-employment services that you can expect to receive at your appointment include but are not limited to the following: Orientation, Labor Market Information, Initial Assessment, and Employability Development Plan.

Did you know? The date that you meet with staff for services may be recorded within your "request a benefit claim" work search record as a Type of Contact : Florida One Stop Visit. For more information click here:

Did you know? "During the initial processing of your claim, many reviews occur regarding your eligibility for benefits. You will be mailed correspondence or sent an email reminder to check your CONNECT inbox based on your selected contact method. Please complete any requests for information as soon as possible" Review the inbox menu and search ALL messages, click here:


SCHEDULED TO REPORT FOR RESEA – YES! TO BEGIN, START HERE : To complete the online enrollment for the program of - RESEA(Appointment Is Scheduled)- proceed to follow the below directions PRIOR TO meeting with the Program Specialist of the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program ( also known as RESEA ) :

STEP 1: Register and/or Log in at this website (the log-in icon is located at the top right corner of this webpage, )
STEP 2:  Provide your electronic signature (only applicable if you do not already have one on file)
STEP 3:  Click your name at the log-in icon at the top right corner of this webpage
STEP 4:  Click My Dashboard
STEP 5: View the Online Enrollment Menu
STEP 6: View the application named : RESEA (Appointment Is Scheduled)

STEP 8: Complete each section within this application
STEP 9: Print your resume from your designated job seeker account, at

STEP 10: *The Program Specialist will receive an electronic alert automatically after your online enrollment appliation displays "Pending Approval"   and you MUST attend the RESEA Appointment as scheduled, please bring with you the following: Questions regarding your enrollment/orientation, Your appointment notice and Your printed resume.  

*You may immediately visit the local CareerSource Pasco Hernando office for staff assistance with the steps above - Dade City office is at 15000 Citrus Country Dr. Suite #303 (33523) and New Port Richey office is at 4440 Grand Blvd. (34652) and Spring Hill office is at 7361 Forest Oaks Blvd. (34606) 

The Program Specialist of RESEA can be contacted as follows :
Christina Sowers, office phone number is (352) 200-3048
Diane Herman, office phone number is (352) 200-3095
Jerry Miller, office phone number is (727) 326-1925
Email address to contact any available RESEA staff is  :


RESEA Program Scheduling Information

1) Please expect an increase, in average of 60-90 minutes, at the appointment if the above online enrollment applicaiton is not "Pending Approval" status on the date of the appointment.

2) If you need to “Reschedule” your appointment, you MUST immediately contact a Program Specialist.
Notice that the RESEA Program Specialist is REQUIRED to submit the status of your attendance within (7) days of your scheduled appointment date. Email contact is available at

*If more than (7) days has lapsed from your “Scheduled To Report” date, then you will not reschedule but you may review your “Inbox” message center at  to respond to any “Fact Finding” documents that may be available and/or contact the office of the Reemployment Assistance with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity at 1-800-204-2418.

3) If you will not be completing the program online enrollment (the steps above) because you have already received an “exemption” (meaning that you submit your Reemployment Assistance Claim to the office of Reemployment Assistance within the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity via the telephone) THEN please discuss this option with the Program Specialist and proceed to the virtual presentation of the program’s orientation-to be introduced to the program and services to expect-Click the following link :
*Do not click the link above IF you have successfully completed the online enrollment application.


Regarding Reemployment Assistance Claims
The office of Reemployment Assistance is within the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity ( Also known as DEO,  ) and is unique and separate from CareerSource Pasco Hernando. CareerSource Pasco Hernando does not have access to the systems necessary to assist you with Reemployment Assistance Claim processing. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Specific claimant questions or concerns regarding "Reemployment Assistance" must be directed to , , and/or the Claimant Benefit Handbook at  and/or by telephone at 1-800-204-2418.

For your convenience the "EMAIL A REPRESENTATIVE" direct website link is provided, click here to request a representative to contact you to discuss any issues within your Reemployment Assistance benefit claim  :

Also, listed below are website references of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity's website for claimant Frequently Asked Questions :


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