Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program Information

Individuals whom have filed a claim for Reemployment Assistance benefits may be scheduled to report for designated services at the local office of CareerSource Pasco Hernando. If the individual is scheduled then a notification letter from the designated office is mailed to the mailing address of the individual claimant that is on record within the individuals workforce registration. The program or department of CareerSource Pasco Hernando that is assigned to assist the individuals whom are scheduled to report is named "Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program).

Please notice that the appointment for services does begin the individuals participation with the program and the designated workforce professionals (also known as Program Specialists) are dedicated to assisting dis-located workers with the workforce services that support rapid reemployment. 

The Program Specialist of RESEA can be contacted as follows :
Christina Sowers, office phone number is (352) 200-3048
Diane Herman, office phone number is (352) 200-3095
Email address to contact any available RESEA staff is  :

*Office Locations :
Dade City office  - 15000 Citrus Country Dr. Suite #303
New Port Richey office  - 4440 Grand Blvd.
Spring Hill office  - 7361 Forest Oaks Blvd. 
Employment Support Center - at (727)484-3400, (352)200-3020, (813)377-1300

Services of the RESEA Program Include the Following:   Orientation, Initial Assessment (Program, Resources, and Services Eligibility), Labor Market Information, and Employability Development Planning.   More Information about the RESEA Program :
Copy/Paste this link in your web browser : 



The Program Specialist may elect to offer the convenience of "online enrollment".   The following information can direct the scheduled individual to complete the program's online enrollment application:

STEP 1: Register and/or Log in at this website *The log-in icon is located at the top right corner of this webpage.
>Click your name at the log-in icon at the top right corner of this webpage, then click "MY DASHBOARD"
STEP 2:  View the Online Enrollment Menu
> Click "GET STARTED" for the online enrollment named: RESEA(Initial Assessment) *NOTICE: There are other program's enrollment applications available and there are other E-Courses available. However, the only (1) that you are directed to complete is for the program of RESEA. **If this is your first online enrollment, click the " GET STARTED" link multiple times until your profile and electronic signature is updated before you can access the enrollment forms.

STEP 3:  Complete the RESEA(Initial Assessment) online enrollment.
> Click "Complete Form" on all available "Complete Form" links.  *NOTICE: When completed your status on the RESEA enrollment will show as :   "PENDING APPROVAL"  and the Program Specialist will be automatically and electronically notified of your completion and appointment readiness.

STEP 4: Print Your Resume from
>Confirm that your  (profile) and (resume builder) at your designated account is updated.

STEP 5: Attend the scheduled appointment.
>Promptly arrive with your appointment letter and printed resume.

If assistance is needed with the above listed directions, then please visit the resource room of the local CareerSource Pasco Hernando office that is regularly available Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm (no appointment needed) and/or arrive at the scheduled appointment 60minutes prior to your scheduled time to receive additional staff assistance.



All individuals whom are scheduled to report should regularly review their claimant INBOX for important messages from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity the office of Reemployment Assistance.

Appointments attended in person : "If you are not able to make the required number of employer contacts in a week, meeting with a representative at your local CareerSource Florida center to access reemployment services may satisfy the work search requirement for that week." Review the Reemployment Assistance handbook or contact the office of Reemployment Assistance at 1-800-204-2418 for more information.

Appointments may be “Rescheduled” : Immediately contact a Program Specialist as the scheduling is time sensitve.

Appointments may be 60-90minutes in duration : Expect an additional 60minutes if the online enrollment as directed above is incomplete at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Appointments without online enrollment: Proceed to the virtual (video) presentation of the program’s orientation- -Click the following link :

If assistance is needed from the Program Specialist within the RESEA program, please email contact directly at 




CareerSource Pasco Hernando is partnered with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. It is helpful that each individual that is applying for Reemployment Assistance carefully and completely review all of the important informaiton that is available within the Reemployment Assistance Handbook : 

"Reemployment Assistance (also called reemployment assistance insurance) provides temporary wage replacement benefits to qualified individuals who are out of work through no fault of their own. If you need assistance, contact the Reemployment Assistance Contact Center at 1-800-204-2418..."

Applying for Reemployment Assistance Benefits: 

Requesting a Benefit Payment from Reemployment Assistance : 

"I was scheduled for an appointment with my local CareerSource do I have to go? Yes. If you are unable to attend, you may contact the location where you are scheduled in advance and you may be able to reschedule your appointment. Missing an appointment with the CareerSource requires an adjudicator to review your claim and determine if the appointment was missed due to good cause."

"During the initial processing of your claim, many reviews occur regarding your eligibility for benefits. You will be mailed correspondence or sent an email reminder to check your CONNECT.MYFLORIDA.COM, Menu -  "Inbox" based on your selected contact method. Please complete any requests for information as soon as possible" 

"Work Registration Instructions. Attention: If you are a Reemployment Assistance (RA) claimant, you must follow the steps below to receive your benefits..." Copy Link : 

CONNECT.MYFLORIDAClaimant Guide from the Department of Economic Opportuntity, (106 pages) : Copy Link: 

Specific claimant questions Contact  and/or 1-800-204-2418.

If you feel that you are a victim of RA Fraud or if you have fraudulent activity within Reemployment Assistance to report, please call, 1-800-342-9909. 


The local office of CareerSource Pasco Hernando is NOT the office of Reemployment Assistance however our workforce professionals may be able to assist you in navigating, applying, or requesting benefit payments as needed. Our offices are also available to assist you in your reemployment and/or training efforts, please view the Video - "Tour our Services" that is located on the homepage of this website for more information about the services that are currently available to assist you